How to Protect Your Children from Financial Stress

Everywhere we turn, people seem to all be suffering from some type of financial stress. How can they not? Life has become more expensive nowadays what with the rise of consumerism.
Learn how to avoid the unnecessary worry that comes from financial stress and protect your children from sharing and feeling the family’s financial stress. Here are some steps you can do to protect your children from financial stress:

Financial Stress Control Step 1

The first and foremost important thing to remember is that financial stress is an adult issue. There is no need to burden your kids with money matters resulting in financial stress. Doing so will only cause emotional stress for them such as fear and insecurity.

Financial Stress Control Step 2

When times are tight, it’s best to tighten your belts to prevent yourself from suffering from financial stress. But next time your kid asks for something and you can’t afford it, tell them so. But choose your words carefully. Remember financial stress is hard enough to deal with. You don’t want to add emotional stress on your kids as well do you?

Financial Stress Control Step 3

Even when you’re under a lot of financial stress, avoid discussing money problems or arguing about spending, bills, overdue payments and such in front of your children. Doing so will only create unnecessary stress and even guilt on them.

Financial Stress Control Step 4

Saving money has taken on a new meaning. Conservation and going green are hot topics. So make use of these two money saving strategies. Teach your kids about learning to conserve water or turning off unused appliances. Teaching them to be conservative has two benefits: they help you out in reducing your financial stress problems and they help save the planet.

Financial Stress Control Step 5

Having financial stress doesn’t mean you can’t take your kids out shopping some times. Make your shopping interesting by going to consignment shops, thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets. You can find great items at a fraction of a cost! Plus, kids love scavenger hunts and you just might surprise yourself  by finding out that you also enjoy bargain shopping!

Financial Stress Control Step 6

Being under financial stress can be an opportunity for more family time. You can protect your kids from being stressed out with the lack of money by making them focus on the positive aspects of having a bit less. Go hiking instead of going mall shopping. Bake your own pizza. Rent DVDs instead of going to a movie theatre.

Financial Stress Control Step 7

Change your perspective from needing more ‘stuff’ to knowing that you already have everything you need. Be grateful for and focus on what you do have. Not only will this significantly offer stress relief for you, but your kids will learn appreciation as well!

Financial Stress Control Step 8

Realize that financial patterns, as well as everything else in the universe, have an ebb and flow. We may be in the ‘ebb’ phase for awhile but it won’t be long before we get back into the ‘flow’.
If you and your family and friends are experiencing financial stress at the moment, know that this too, shall pass. Make the best of what you do have and appreciate being a part of the abundance in life. Adopting a positive attitude will maintain peace in your home and protect your children from financial stress and fear. Try making your two favorite words, “thank you.” An attitude of gratitude creates a major shift in your thinking and will get you back into the flow.